BsBox L2 For storing ready-made bitcoin miners. Easy to installed, everyone can be the owner bitcoin mining within 1 month.

Functions of BsBox L2 cabinet

  • Supports 100 pcs. S19XX Bitcoin Miners
  • A complete set of electrical systems (excluding transformers) to support electric-powered bitcoin miners. 1500kva(3set)
  • 40-foot container completef modify and increase strength.
  • Airflow + Evap ventilation system for supported 100 units of S19XX
  • Telecommunication system for 100 S19XX units
  • Emergency fire alarm and fire extinguishing system 100 units of S19XX
  • Using Cloud System, Bitcoin Mining Management Software
  • Cloud usage, performance reports and bitcoin mining overview.
  • Autometic close/open system with electric shutters when the outside wind speed exceeds 80 km / h or it’s pouring rain over limit the electric shutters will close immediatly.
  • Double security door system assign scan by fingerprint enter – exit.
  • Sensors for check Temperature, Smoke, Wind speed, Rainfall, Humidity, water level, Voltage, Fan speed of the cabinet.
  • There is a sound absorbing panel to reduce noise.
  • Fingerprint scanning system, CCTV, anti-theft and others

Price 1.xx million baht

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