Bitcoin price dropped to $36,000 today.
Historical price from website It shows that the price of Bitcoin has been gradually falling since December last year.

In the trading line, the trader can also profit on both the uptrend and the downtrend.
But in the mining Many of you who have already invested may be worried about falling prices. But the cost of mining, electricity, maintenance staff The deposit fee remains the same. Or even those who are looking for information about mining may delay the investment to buy more new machines during this period.

So how to adjust? How can I adjust?

It is both a question and concern for many people. Today we are going to find these answers.

From the famous mining earning calculation website minerstat you will see The S19jPro mining rig can mine many different coins. It is based on the sha-256 algorithm and has different mining rewards over time.

From the picture, you can see that if you use the s19jpro machine to mine bitcoins during this period, you will get bitcoins that account for about 600 baht/device/day. But if mining bsv coins, you will get coins that account for about 650 baht / machine / day. Or mining btcv2 coins will get a return that is almost 20000 baht / machine / day
But the rewards will only last for a certain period of time. Because it is calculated from mining and immediately selling at that price. Or at that time, no other miners moved to mine such high-yield coins.

Events of new or highly profitable coins at some point like this have happened since the early days of Bitcoin mining.
Every day new coins are created all the time. There are coins that can be mined. Coins that can’t be mined or coins that can be mined but can’t be mined with this miner are always available.

So there is a mining power trading going on.

From the website One of the famous mining power trading sites. You can see that There is a trading price list divided by mining algorithm. The displayed price will see the price for that period. The price may go up or down depending on the demand for mining power. Usually, if at any moment a high-yielding coin occurs. Users will buy more mining power. This makes the rewards of miners selling their mining power higher as well. So trading is mining. It might be an option to increase your chances of getting lower returns during this Bitcoin price drop.


  1. Mining pool that is open to buyers can buy mining power can increase your chances of earning more returns
  2. Find new and interesting coins that have not yet entered the exchange market. and can only be obtained by digging and storing
  3. Follow the news various mining techniques To reduce the risk and increase the opportunity to make the most profitable

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